Purchasing A Commercial Meat Grinder? – Check The Types And Features First


One good way you can make your restaurant stand above its competition involves making your sausage or freshly ground beef. Any establishment that prepares meat, from a deli counter to a butcher shop, will most likely want to possess at least one quality commercial meat grinder.

However, finding the Best commercial grinders can be a tricky task unless you take into account some factors. However, once you evaluate your needs and understand what is on offer, you can be sure you will find the right one

Main types

Manual grinders

22,nhljfkljThese are typically mounted to a countertop or a table and are meant for low-volume use. Due to their small capacity and the fact that they require physical effort, you should probably avoid this grinder type, as it is not designed for commercial use.

Electric grinders

These models come in a wide variety of sizes, from smaller, countertop variants, to the larger, floor-mounted units that are best suited for meat counters, busy butcher shops, or meat processing facilities.

When checking out electric grinders, pay attention to how many pounds of meat can a particular grinder process per hour, or per minute. If you buy a model that is incapable of keeping up with your requirements, you will inevitably decrease its lifespan and negatively affect your productivity. Also, pay attention to the construction and the materials of the grinder. For example, stainless steel can resist corrosion and is dishwasher safe.

Horizontal food cutters

These are very versatile units that can shred pork, chicken, and other types of meats that you typically do not want to grind finely. They are excellent for making things such as chicken salad, potato salad, coleslaw, and so on, mainly because they allow the users to add sauces and seasonings as they are cutting the vegetables or meat. Some units even feature a power take-off hub, which allows the users to hook up their meat grinders, as well as vegetable slicer attachments.

If you opt for a unit like this, keep an eye on safety measures, as the blade is somewhat more exposed.

Extra features and attachments

Sausage stuffers

If you are mostly into making sausages and hot dogs, you should look for the grinders that feature optional sausage stuffing tubes of varying sizes. With this attachment, you can grind the meat directly into the casings for sausage and hot dogs. However, keep in mind that using a stuffing tube can be a rather slow process, given how the unit does not output the ground meat as quickly as a special sausage stuffing machine.

Meat mixers

With this simple, yet useful feature, you can add meat and seasonings into a hopper with the aim of mixing the product. This is excellent for meatballs, meatloaf, sausage, and a variety of other seasoned meats. In most cases, large commercial meat grinders will have this feature built-in, which makes them great for food processing of exceptionally high output situations.

Grinding plates

33 gmllgmhmThe majority of meat grinding units come with some grinding plates, of varying sizes. Due to a large number of manufacturers out there, you can purchase separately additional sizes. Of course, the smaller the plates and their holes, the more finely ground your end product will be. Take this into consideration when looking for the most appropriate meat grinder.