Qualities Of A Good Teacher

There are many requirements that one should meet for them to be referred to as being qualified teachers. Some of these requirements include attending classes, writing lesson plans and teaching students on teaching practice sessions. Numerous studies have been conducted, aiming at establishing the common qualities among best teachers. Below are some of those. When you are done going through the article, reflect on them and interrogate yourself if you have any of those qualities, and if you don’t, ask yourself what you can do to get to those levels.

Properties of good teachers

Good teachers care about their students


Do not underestimate the smartness of students, they know, and they will tell whether a teacher loves them or not. You will realize that student works hardest when they are being thought by somebody that they know cares about them. They surely will not care about how much you know until they establish how much you care about them. So to be a great teacher, ensure that every kid in the class knows that you care for them. Try to meet them at the door in the morning and say hi to them. By greeting them, you can create a connection between you and them. If they have been absent from school, let them know that you and the entire class missed them. A great teacher will always create a good relationship with their students.

Should be well prepared always

A good teacher should be well prepared always. They should be organized and be ready to deliver whenever they are in class. Bad teachers don’t have their lesson plans ready, they look disorganized, and most definitely this will have an effect on the children in the class. A good teacher should ensure that their day flows seamlessly. They should make sure that their teaching material is prepared a week ahead of time. They are ready with all their copies, and they are placed in places where they can be accessed easily. One advantage of having your copies printed ahead of time is that it will allow you avoid running to the printing machine at the last minute.


This is a characteristic that is found in all best teachers. They will all reflect on their teaching. When a good teacher is done with his or her lesson, they will go back and reflect on what part of the lesson went well and which part didn’t turn up properly. They will take notes and remember to make the appropriate adjustments when they teach again. They will also assess the students, and they can map out who understood well and who didn’t. This way, they can provide different learning techniques to their students to enhance better understanding.

They believe all students can learn

This is one of the best characteristics of a good teacher. Great teachers always share the common belief that all their students have the ability to learn. They believe that it is all of them but not some of them who can learn. They can use different instruments and techniques for students with different capabilities, but the ultimate goal is to allow every member of their class learn to the best of their capabilities.